We developed the first-generation KINETIC showers and sent them to test users.
Responses are extremely positive, as kinetic technology allows the neutralization of chlorine in water and prevents the formation of limescale. Users report “no more dry skin after showering” and reduced formation of limescale on the shower cubicles.

As promised, here is a new shower handle Kinetic Reactor Shower

Kinetic Reactor Shower is a highly anticipated novelty in the field of water treatment. Many suffer from itching and dry skin, which can also be caused by hard, chlorinated, cloudy water.

The Kinetic Reactor Shower also provides the aesthetics and hygiene of our showers or showers in spas. So what are your interests in the shower?
To one of you, on the first Sunday of Advent, we will give our shower handle for free and you will be one of the first to use it.

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