Kinetic Technology is our achievement on the global scale. We approached to water treatment scientifically, knowing water consists not only of H2O, but also of many other non-desired or harmful elements and organisms. Kinetic Technology performance was tested, validated and is proven daily in professional use on large scale water treatment systems, technology is now coming to your home. What is capable to perform Kinetic technology in pro use? Scale deposit prevention, organic and inorganic pollutants degradation, neutralization and reduction, bacteria and other microorganism’s disinfection, all just with the water stream itself and without chemicals.

Scale prevention

Scale prevention

KINETIC-Reactor Heavy metals neutralization

Heavy metals neutralization

KINETIC-Reactor Chlorine efficiency increase with its reduction

Chlorine efficiency increase with its reduction

KINETIC-Reactor Overall bacteria reduction

Overall bacteria reduction

KINETIC-Reactor Biofilm prevention

Biofilm prevention

KINETIC-Reactor Water saving

Water saving



Kinetic Technology gives us opportunity to clean surface and ground water sources and is now brought to the end of the water cycle as a water treatment device on your tap, where you can easy replace existing aerator or mesh. KINETIC reactor on tap was tested and validated the same way as was Kinetic Technology for pro use. KINETIC reactor on tap is capable of scale prevention, neutralization, degradation and reduction of harmful inorganic (for example dissolved iron) and organic (degradation of complex organic molecules) pollutants in drinking water, biofilm prevention as well as chlorine reduction*, helpful for water disinfection but not so friendly for our health, taste and smell of the water.

*Chlorine reduction is caused by its performance on microorganisms and organic compounds

"In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans; In one aspect of you are found all the aspects of existence."

( Kahlil Gibran )


Always suitable drinking water from tap with improved organoleptic properties, reduced use of chemicals for cleaning of sinks, portable water heaters, hand washed dishes as well as ability to use natural cleaning products. Despite being water treatment device, KINETIC reactor remains aerator - mesh on faucet with its primary function – water consumption saving device at regular flow. Kinetic reactor is self-cleaning device with no dedicated maintenance, however, for efficient performance its replacement is recommended after one year of use.