KR-PACK is a central water treatment system for professional use and demanding home users for the supply of buildings and living quarters and for production and service activities with demand for high quality water. KR-PACK is a centralized open system that, in addition to all of the abilities offered by the KINETIC reactor on tap, performs sedimentation of elements and particles in water, which, by using kinetic technology, determine a different structure of elements from the water extraction (aragonite crystalline structure of calcium carbonate instead calcite), neutralize (heavy metals) and degrade (organic pollutants). KR-PACK is not a filter device that would require replacement of filter cartridges and extensive maintenance. KR-PACK only requires periodic cleaning of sediment in the vessel. We recommend that you use KR-T reactors for quality drinking water from the faucet due to adverse effects that may be caused by internal installations, faucets and other water spills.

Scale prevention

Scale prevention

KINETIC-Reactor Heavy metals neutralization

Heavy metals neutralization

KINETIC-Reactor Chlorine efficiency increase with its reduction

Chlorine efficiency increase with its reduction

KINETIC-Reactor Overall bacteria reduction

Overall bacteria reduction

KINETIC-Reactor Biofilm prevention

Biofilm prevention

KINETIC-Reactor Water saving

Water saving



The KR-PACK is equipped with fixed-type KR-T Pro reactors in a battery version, which allows water flows up to 2400 l per hour. The lifetime of the KR-T Pro reactor is 6 months, you can replace it by yourself. We selected the best co-workers - the company WILO as the basis of the system. As an option we offer the possibility of switching to rainwater and its processing. The KR-PACK is equipped with a particles filter at the inlet and the expansion vessel for smooth water delivery.


Due to the high standards that we are pursuing for the use of Kinetic Technology, we have also prescribed minimum requirements for the installation and maintenance of KR – PACK. We have made sure that the device can only be installed by an authorized and technically qualified installer/service provider.

The basic condition for the KR – PACK installation is:

Space that prevents bacteria and other micro-organisms growth,
Ventilation (KR – PACK eliminates CO2 and other gases from the water),
Electrical connection
Possibility of draining water for cleaning the sedimentation vessel and as a safety outflow.