We have brought kinetic technology to your home, which we are very proud of. We have made Kinetic Reactor for your tap. DOMESTIC KINETIC REACTOR

We have three types of KR-Tap models:
-KR-T basic is intended to improve the quality of drinking water, where drinking water is fairly consistent
-KR-T panonia is intended primarily for the Pannonian region where there are major problems with drinking water compliance
-KR-T professional is primarily intended for professional applications and is used as an additional cleaning segment for KR professional installations.

The connection dimensions for the KR-T are different. The most common dimensions are M24 and M22. The less common dimensions are M20, M18 built-in and M24 built-in.

KR-shower is a shower handle that has integrated Kinetic technology and allows much better skin hydration and reduction of scale formation in the shower. They also provided healthy water in the shower.

Scale prevention

Scale prevention

KINETIC-Reactor Heavy metals neutralization

Heavy metals neutralization

KINETIC-Reactor Chlorine efficiency increase with its reduction

Chlorine efficiency increase with its reduction

KINETIC-Reactor Overall bacteria reduction

Overall bacteria reduction

KINETIC-Reactor Biofilm prevention

Biofilm prevention

KINETIC-Reactor Water saving

Water saving

Kinetic Reactor instalation for low pressure boiler

For proper operation, only water flow is needed and pressure min. 1 bar. No chemicals, no additional energy and no complex SW for operation. Kinetic Reactor on tap is not suitable for installing to a faucet with hot water supply from a low pressure boiler (5 L – 10 L).

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Our customers

We have a lot of satisfied customers who have tasted the benefits of Kinetic Technology and they really do drink good water. It’s like drinking pure spring water from your tap in a glass. All this is provided by our KINETIC REACTOR Aerator mesh for kitchen faucet.